Who we are

Tudor Healthcare Limited is a private registered company in Kenya under Registration of Companies Act Chapter 486 and a holder of Certificate of Incorporation No. CPR/2012/77547


To drive the new concepts in provision of medical services as we progressively benchmark our products to acceptable standard.


To maintain our status as an effective, affordable, accessible optimal quality healthcare provider and be rated among top medical services providers in the region.


Quality in Service delivery –

We ensure good organization, efficiency and competency in our service delivery as we demonstrate expertise and proficiency in our operations.

Customer focus –

We put customers and clients at the heart of our operations.

Team Work –

A priority as we promise solidarity, collaboration and co-operation in our activities.

Integrity –

We promise honesty, transparency and reliability in our activities.

Privacy and confidentiality –

We uphold our client’s privacy and confidentiality with high esteem and comply with the ethics of medical services.

Diversity –

Dealing with diverse background, we uphold our customers and clients.

Safety and Security –

We ensure at all times that the clinics and the environs are safe and secure.

Corporate Social Responsibility –

As part of our obligation, we ensure community outreach, education of clients on basic hygiene and preventive measures and First Aid.


The key objectives of Tudor Healthcare Limited are to:-

• Enhance service delivery and customer satisfaction

• Introduce and promote new technologies

• Outsource with national and international partners with a view to promoting regional medical service provision and exchange programs

• Actively participate in Corporate Social Responsibility

• Develop, sustain and maintain quality medical services to meet the need of our customers

• Protect and safeguard the interest of our customers and partners

• Promote and maintain a clean, safe and rewarding working environment


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